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Apply To SMAS

Detail About How To Apply

The children are given admissions based on their performances in the entrance examination and personal assessment during interviews. This allows for proper placements. Admissions forms are obtainable from the school office and return to the same office after completion. Pupils are given admission after undergoing appropriate tests based on their ability.


  • Admissions for children from ages 3months to 2years is direct, no oral or written test is required.
  • But admissions into the nursery school for children from ages 3 and above involve oral, written/ aptitude tests for proper placement.
  • Likewise, admission into the primary classes is by oral, written and aptitude tests.


  • Admission into the school is usually during the beginning of every section, however, an arrangement could be made for students moving into the area to be admitted at other times of the year.


The entrance examinations and interviews into the school are held in March at the school hall and other centers. Successful candidates are offered admissions which must be confirmed within two weeks .